"Welcome back Yuri."-Chelinka

Chelinka is a Clavat girl from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates who is Yuri's older twin sister. This spirited and determined lass combines a strong sense of justice with a softer, sensitive side. While she may flaunt her status as elder sibling, she actually finds the role as intimidating as she has a fear of ghosts. Chelinka also possesses a special crystal that gives her and Yuri the ability to perform magic, sort of like a crystal bearer. After seeing their father murdered, Yuri and Chelinka used the powers of the crystal to scare off Cu Chaspel, Yuri was unaffected by the powerful magic, but it took a toll on Chelinka, putting her into a "Crystal coma". Three years later while Yuri was training his swordsman skills, Chelinka came out of the "Coma" and spoke to him in telepathy. Chelinka communicated telepathically to Yuri and the others until Yuri was near death at Rela Cyel.